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          Cook Land Services is primarily a land surveying firm that specializes in boundary surveys  & subdivisions.  But our projects also range from simple line agreements, flood elevation certificates and mortgage loan inspections to topographic site plans, earth work or volume calculations, FEMA flood map amendments, construction layout and GIS mapping.

          Examples of construction projects include two miles of pipeline layout for the Bowater Paper Mill,  40 acre topographic and as-built surveys for Earthgro in Medway, site plans for the Indian Township Health Center, the Calais Heritage Center, and numerous residential site plans used for architectural design.

          Large area projects include a 1500 acre GPS survey  for the Town of Robbinston that included a ten lot subdivsion, Baker Brook LURC subdivisions for 190 lots on five miles of Moosehead Lake, all outlots within the forty mile St. Croix River conservation area, Poplar Hill ( a phased, LURC approved, 54 lot subdivision on Brassua Lake) and the 978 acre Northern Lakes Development in Tomhegan Plantation.

          But CLS is not just involved in large projects.  In the past twenty two years CLS has completed over five hundred boundary surveys and more than a thousand residential  mortgage inspections.

          Attention to detail with a serious effort to eliminate unnecessary expenses have helped CLS add new clients despite the slow economy in some past years.  Rather than offer just one solution to a problem, CLS owner David Cook, will discuss your project with you in detail to determine if there are alternatives that might lower your final cost.  Travel time is reduced by staying overnight on multi-day projects and office work is often completed on a lap-top computer in the hotel room.

          Global Positioning is our newest investment in keeping survey costs down to earth.  Using GPS receivers we can locate boundaries and determine the area of large parcels of land in a few days instead of the multiple weeks often needed in the past.  Trimble Pathfinder receivers with real-time radio corrections achieve sub-meter mapping accuracy, while four ProMark II receivers generate more precise coordinates for aerial control of larger detailed projects.

          Keeping up to date with the ever-changing land use laws and technology is essential for land development specialists.  We average over 20 hours of continuing education each year.  Legal descriptions are e-mailed to attorneys to eliminate errors often found in retyping.  Plans can be prepared as paper, mylar and/or digital files.  Delorme's X-Map software combined with GPS measurements allow us to plot your boundaries on a USGS topo map or satellite imagery.

          In the field we use total-stations with infra-red distance measuring for accuracy.  A reflectorless EDM allows us to accurately determine the location of inaccessible features such as overhead wires, roof edges and cell towers.  Data collectors record measurements without error and then download directly into a computer.  Portable radios reduce miscommunication while cellular phones let field crews speak with clients in case of any uncertainty regarding the client's wishes.