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Rules adopted by the Board of Licensure for Professional Land Surveyors require all surveying services to meet new standards (eff. April 1, 2001).  These standards make no distinction between MLI’s and full boundary surveys.  That change would have greatly increased the time and cost of MLI’s.  But the rules allow exceptions if there is an agreement between the client and surveyor.  Our client is whomever requests the MLI (usually an attorney or title firm) and this document, along with the request are proof of that agreement.  Our MLI’s exclude all requirements of Part 2, Technical Survey Standards.  We perform MLI’s to the same standards used before the April 1, 2001 rule change.  Those standards are as follows:

a.         the location of buildings and other visible improvements;
b.         the existence of visible encroachments and easements specifically delineated in the deed;
c.         the shaded 100 year flood hazard zone scaled from FEMA maps when available;
d.         the current zoning setback limits as verbally reported to the surveyor by a municipal official;
e.         the adjacent ROW or Public Street if listed in the deed or as reported by municipal officials.

A MLI is not a boundary survey.  Using a current deed and visible evidence, the apparent boundaries, based solely on that deed and evidence, are shown on a sketch.  No research is completed, rebars are not set, no description is provided, and no attempt is made to locate, analyze or determine:

a.          the limits of undeveloped portions of the parcel;
b.          zoning restrictions other than the current building setback limits;
c.          conformance to LURC, DEP, or municipality subdivision statutes and regulations;
d.          if the improvements violate covenants, were made in wetland or wetlands were filled;
e.          if the lot is on or near protected farmland or within an eagle nest protection area;
f.           any other matters outside the immediate agreement with the client.

In order to more quickly process your MLI request, we ask that you please include as much of the following information as possible.  Failure to include some information may delay our report.

a.         buyer’s and seller’s names with phone numbers for both;
b.         street address and town;
c.         tax map and lot number;
d.         copy of recorded deed;
e.         copies of any exceptions listed in that deed;
f.          name of lending institution;
g.         anticipated date of closing;
h.         realtor’s name and phone number.